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Every server gets pinged every two hours. If one package gets lost, that server's ping condition will change from 'green' to 'grey' or from 'grey' to 'red'. If a ping gets through, condition will change from 'grey' to 'green' or from 'red' to 'grey'.

Every server's 'uptime.cgi' gets checked every four hours. The 'load' is calculated by getting the average of the presented 'load averages:' values. this value will be added to the last known load value and that result divided by two gives the new load ;-)

NewUsers = (2 * OldUsers + CurrentUsers) / 3

To join, simply put the following script on your web server and mail me the URL together with the location of the server.

--------------------------------------------------------- cut here -
echo "Content-Type: text/plain"
echo ""
uname -rsm
--------------------------------------------------------- cut here -

If you don't want a big apache on your server (might be a mail server), send me a message. There's another very small solution for your inetd.

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